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Canada in Belize

Since both Canada and Belize are part of the Commonwealth, they share the same head of state (Queen Elizabeth II), thus their representation are High Commissions and not embassies. In the case of Belize, it should also be located in the Capital Belmopan. But although the capital was moved to Belmopan in 1970, Belize City remains the biggest city of the country and is where most tourists go.. so many countries (including Canada and Mexico) didn't move to Belmopan. In Canada's case... it's labelled 'Consulate' because due to cuts in foreign representations, the High Commission was demoted to a consulate of the Guatemala embassy. If you look at the sign, you'll see exactly 6 words in French... with 2 errors! But at least they got the colours of the building right :-)

HoboSylvain, 2014-04-01 19:08:42

Belize City


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